Wi-Fi Planning and Installation

As with everything in life "planning is the key to success". Wireless network installations are no exception.

Wireless networking solutions from Cairn Solutions are one of the most effective Wi-Fi planning services around. Our team of experienced wireless technicians ensure that your wireless network design and installation is a painless operation. From highly intensive and realistic surveys of your working environment to providing you with a solid base for all your wireless needs.

A complete Cairn Solutions plan for your proposed wireless network will ensure that you don't purchase unnecessary hardware and that the solution will be implemented is safe and secure manner providing you the best wireless coverage possible.


Wireless Solutions 


Using industry standard modeling software, we can create a plan of your building and design the best solution possible. Where appropriate, we can also test our plans in existing buildings to ensure a viable working solution. The high levels of planning and analysis should give you extra reassurance that your wireless investment will meet you business requirements.

With Cairn Solutions wireless technicians you get a wealth of experience in wireless planning and installation using the latest specialist Wi-Fi planning tools. We can achieve a very high level of alignment between the model and the actual deployment, saving time and money when the real installation is completed.

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